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To support a global customer base, you need to provide communication channels to your customers across the globe. For this purpose, you can buy international toll free numbers that let you support international callers without the need for multiple physical offices.

Let us see what international toll free numbers are and how getting toll free numbers can help your business grow internationally.

Expand your market with international toll free numbers
Firstly, what are international toll free numbers? These numbers allow callers to reach your company without being charged for the call.

The way toll free numbers work is that they charge the receiver, not the caller, so your customers can reach you. And you, the business, are only charged for using the toll free number by your provider.

There are no international calling charges when customers call your international toll free number. ITFS numbers exist in various forms but can be identified by a geographic area code or dialing prefix attributed to a specified location.

It’s no surprise, then, that customers are increasingly trusting businesses with legitimate and convenient means of communication. And most users know that it doesn’t cost them anything to dial a toll free number, which is why they’re more likely to contact businesses with such numbers. An international toll free number establishes you as an accessible enterprise in your industry. And these numbers let you connect with the markets most important to your survival. You have more options than your local neighborhood.

how to get international toll free number
Global call forwarding lets you buy international toll free numbers quickly and easily and is an easy, inexpensive means of attracting customers overseas. Follow these steps to buy an international toll free number:

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To receive the ITFN, visit our pricing page and begin the sign-up process.
Follow the prompts to enter your information. You will need to decide which country you want the ITFN for and where you want the calls forwarded. So, have this information ready before you get started. You can also add more international toll free numbers for other countries within this sign-up process.
Once you have entered the information, select the additional advanced features or services you want.
Enter your information and complete your purchase.
Global Call Forwarding is an international telecommunications provider providing access to global businesses. We have all types of international toll free numbers. We can help your businesses support and grow a local presence by providing them with international toll free numbers that customers can conveniently call.

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