AIIMS New Delhi Customer Care No. 011-2658 8500

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  • 011-2658 8500 (General Enquiry No.)
  • 011-2658 8700 (Other No. For General Enquiry No.)
  • 011-2658 9999 (OPD Booking on IVRS)
  • 011-2658 9142 (OPD Appointment Booking on Telephone)
  • 011-6590 0669 (Call Center)
  • 011-2658 9900 (General Enquiry)
  • 9115 444 155 (Covid Consultation / OPD Appointment
  • 011-2659 6428 (Info on availability of beds with
    ventilator in emergency)

Important Links

Important Phone Numbers

Control Room

  • It is located in Room No. 12, Ground floor,
    Private ward Block, M.S. Office.

    • The contact No.s are – 011-26589279, 011-26593308
  • Control Room functions round the clock, under the Dept. of Hospital
    Administration and managedby Duty Officers, who deal with any administrative problem, provide
    assistance and listen to public

    grievances with regard to patient care.

Enquiry Numbers

  • Central Enquiry & Registration office is located just inside
    main entrance on Aurobindo Marg.

    • Telephone No.s of Central Enquiry- 011-26588500,
      011-26588900, 011-26588700 – (ext’n 4707)
    • Telephone No.s of IRCH Exchange- 011-26589172, 011-26589212
    • Telephone No.s of CTVS Exchange- 011-26589827,
      011-26589551, 011-26589894, 011-26588556,011-26588559,011-26588560, 011-26588561, 011-26588562
  • L.E.D. Display scrolls, Guide maps, Display boards are installed at
    various strategic locations.Enquiry counters & help desks also exist in the OPD at various
    locations where one can enquire

    and seek help in case of any problem. Besides, there are Medical
    Social Services located

    in Room No. 9, Ground Floor, OPD, where MSSO/Social Guides are
    available for any help.

AIIMS Helplines

  • Emergency numbers – 011-26594405, 011-26594706 ( round the clock)
  • AIDS Helpline (Shubhchintak)- 011-26588333 (10.00 am to 5.00 pm
    Mon. to Fri.).
  • ORBO (Organ Retrieval Banking Organisation)- 1060, 011-26588402,
  • Poison Information Centre- 011-26593677, 011-26589391, 011-26583282
    (round the clock)
  • Eye Donation (National Eye Bank) – 011-26588500, 011-26588700 –
    (ext’, 3062, 3063), 265894761


  • AIIMS Main Hospital is located at Ansari Nagar, in front of
    Safdarjung Hospital at the crossing ofRing Road and Aurobindo Marg. Main entrance is on Aurobindo Marg.

Call Centre Details

OPD Appointment Booking on Telephone

  • 011-26589142 (Timing for OPD booking on this Telephone is from 8:00
    am to 4:00 pm (All Working Days)
  • 9115444155 (Timing for OPD booking on this Telephone is from
    8:30-3:30 (Monday to Friday) and 8:30-2:30 (Saturdays)

“The appointment for new case is available for one month ( depending
upon the availability of OPD slots) from the date of applying for
appointment and for the follow-up, the appointment is available for
three months ( also depending upon the availability of OPD slots) from
the date of applying for the appointment”.

Mobile App: The AIIMS App has been removed from the Google Play store
due to issues with the app rendering it non-functional. Users who had
installed that app should remove it from their devices

For effective follow-up of post operative cardiac surgical patients at
CTVS -OPD services, dedicated Helpline & Whatsapp numbers:
9999635940, 9999635425 will be active from 2:00pm to 6:00pm on Monday,
Wednesday and Friday.

Note:- If appointments are not available on O.R.S portal , then please
do not call the call centre, as appointment through ORS portal and
phone is from same pool.

List of Nodal Officers

For any issue related to appointment booking or slot availability for any
hospital, please contact the Nodal Officer of the respective hospital

  • This


    contain statewise details of hospitals with nodal officer email and
    contact numbers.

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