Gmail Customer Care

There is No customer care number for gmail account recovery

There is few steps we will help you to recognize your account

If you Forgot your password

  • Step 1

    Enter your gmail ID

  • Step 2

    Click on Try another way

  • Step 3

    Gmail will send a verification code to your registered mobile .Gmail will also show you, your last 3 digit of your phone

  • Step 4

    Enter code but if you dont have phone number then click on I don’t have my phone.

  • Step 5

    Dont worry if you dont have mobile phone. Now enter your mobile number

  • Step 6

    Gmail will ask you security question .

    Example: Gmail will ask you What is the name of your best friend from childhood? Try to recognize

  • Step 7

    Now Click on Try another way .Gmail will now ask you when you create your account . Enter month and year

  • Step 8

    Now If you dont know your mobile number as we suggest you in Step 5 then Click try another way

    Gmail will send verification code to your alternate Email .

    Gmail will also show you , your first three word and last domain name of your account

     If your alter mail is . It will show you abcd••••••

  • Step 9

    Enter your code . In case if you still confuse with alternate Email then click again Try Another Way

  • Step 10

    Gmail will ask you when you create your account . Enter month and year

  • Step 11

    Gmail will shows you Google couldn’t verify this account belongs to you.

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